Feature Films

Studio 100 has been producing feature length films since 1999 and has attracted thousands of visitors to cinemas across the Benelux region. As a key element of our 360° business model, feature films are an important vehicle in enhancing the audience’s engagement with our brands.

A total of 24 feature films have been produced to date, including House of AnubisPlop The Gnome and K3.  Feature films taken to the big screen in the Benelux regularly appear in the top ten of children’s films at the box office and achieve strong critical acclaim amongst media and audiences.

In 2013 we launched Studio 100 Film, a new international film division that sits within our media business unit based in Germany.  This division secures the sales and distribution of all our international movie properties and is currently working on acquiring rights for two major films being produced by our own studios.

In 2014, the feature film Maya the Bee Movie – First Flight, based on our globally renowned animation series Maya the Bee premiered worldwide.  This movie was the first ever animated feature film to be produced as an official co-production between Studio100 Media and our own Sydney based animation studio, Buzz Studios, in association with Flying Bark Productions.

Flying Bark Productions

Flying Bark Productions is our wholly owned animation studio based in Sydney, Australia and is a global leader in the production of entertainment series and animated content for children for both TV and film.  It has a strong heritage in producing and taking to market a number of internationally recognised TV series such as Zigby, Tashi, and feature films like Blinky Bill the Movie and Maya the Bee movie.


Maya the Bee Movie – First Flight

Maya the Bee Movie – First Flight produced in 3D stereoscopic will features a new story based on the well-known and much loved character Maya the Bee and introduces new characters who join Maya on her great adventure. In the film, curious little bee Maya and her best friend Willy attempt to save their hive from the greedy Queen’s advisor and end the long-term hostility between bees and hornets.

Blinky Bill – Movie

First introduced to audiences in the 1930s through a series of children’s books, Blinky Bill is considered an iconic Australian children’s classic. In 1992, the first feature film Blinky Bill, The Mischievous Koala was released to audiences in major territories including the United States. This was followed by several successful TV series and movies which continue to air around the world today. In 2015, Flying Bark produced a new Blinky Bill feature film which has introduced the lovable koala to a whole new generation.

Blinky Bill is a small koala with a big imagination. An adventurer at heart, he dreams of leaving the little town of Green Patch and following in his explorer father’s footsteps. Mr Bill went missing in the Outback some time ago and Blinky is the only one who believes his father is still alive. Blinky embarks on a journey that takes him beyond the boundary of Green Patch and into the wild and dangerous Outback, making friends along the way in his quest to find his father.

Future film development

Flying Bark Productions will continue to create and produce universally appealing content that is age appropriate and relevant for family and children audiences. The Australian based studio’s relationship with other divisions within the business enables Flying Bark Productions to collaborate on productions and sales, drawing on the strengths of all countries and domestic cultural influences. The movie production business is a central focus for Flying Bark Productions and the animation studio looks forward to growing its base of original, entertaining and globally appealing content.