Live Action


Creating live action TV content is the cornerstone of Studio 100. We have produced successful series which have achieved both local and global acclaim since 1998, when we first produced Samson and Gert for the Benelux audience.

Seventeen years later, our live action series remain at the heart of broadcasting on children’s TV channels in the Benelux. Many of our heritage live action brands continue to be popular in our home markets and to grow in popularity internationally. Over the past decade, our portfolio has expanded drastically. Our live action content caters to the needs of a broad audience: from preschoolers to teenagers. The mission of Studio 100 remains to ensure that our content is of great quality, suitable for all-round family viewing.

Our catalogue consists of twenty-five series which have been produced for over fifteen years: from evergreen pre-school series such as BumbaPlop The GnomePete the Pirate and Mega Mindy to children’s adventure series such as international ratings-winner House of AnubisK3 which is a renowned success in the Benelux markets, and our most recent production, Hotel 13.


This content is produced in-house using our five state-of-the-art studios located in our global headquarters in Schelle, Belgium. There, we have five shows at any stage of production at any given time. Great content derives from employing the best creative teams who work seamlessly in developing new series from concept through to filming and concluding with post-production.

Our content is sold and broadcasted internationally which is another key factor to our success. The globally renowned Nickelodeon series House of Anubis was localised for the US audience to specifically ensure market relevance.
We are very proud that Studio100 is the absolute number one producer of children’s programmes for the Benelux national broadcasting channels and we will continue to invest in creating new universally-appealing content in family entertainment.