Studio 100 owns four animation studios which specialize in creating and delivering high-quality children’s animation series. Based in Paris, New York, Munich and Sydney, our studios have a strong industry reputation and are renowned for their production capabilities and expertise in delivering animated TV and film content for global distribution.


We focus on refreshing and modernising classic series for new generations of children to enjoy, using the latest CGI* production, such as our flagship brands Maya The Bee and Vic The Viking.  At the same time, we are also developing entirely new content.
*Computer Generated Images.

Maya The Bee

Originally produced as a 2D series in 1975, we produced a new CGI animated series in 2012 giving Maya a new lease of life. Produced in our Paris studios, there are meanwhile 130 episodes of the new series which have been sold to more than 150 countries. While Maya The Bee, the 2D series, has been broadcasted by more than 130 TV channels in 120 countries over the past 10 years. A hive of 300 licensees worldwide covers all major categories including toys, games, publishing, clothing and home entertainment.

Maya  is a little bee unlike any other! Non-conformist and thirsty for adventure, she left the hive to live in the meadow and be free like … a bee. The world is just too big and too fascinating to remain confined to the restricted life of the hive.

For Maya, the natural beauty of the world is an endless delight for the senses! Her courage, wit and insatiable curiosity lead her off the beaten track as she wonders at the joys and obstacles of life along the way. Together with her best friends, Flip and Willy, she explores a wonderful world, full of magic and unexpected encounters.




In 2013, our Paris studio produced Vic the Viking, a new CGI animated series which delivers both stunning quality and outstanding special effects. There are 78 episodes which have been sold to more than 60 countries worldwide. There are more than 60 licensing partners on board across all key categories. The series was originally created back in 1974, based on the children’s book “Vicke Viking” which won the German Youth Literature prize.

Vic the Viking, small in size, big on ingenuity! Welcome aboard the drakkar to sail the seven seas and share his adventures alongside the Viking crew!

Whether in his home village of Flake or visiting far and unknown lands, Vic lives in a world full of escapades and uses his ingenuity and smart-thinking to get the crew out of danger rather than using force. He may lack muscles and brawn, but Vic is everyone’s hero!


heidiStudio100 has also produced a new CGI- animated series of Heidi, with 39 episodes, 26 more episodes will follow in fall 2019 . The show has been sold in over 160 countries, being a real worldwide evergreen. Johanna Spyri wrote the first Heidi books back in 1880. Since then, more than 50 million books have been translated into 50 languages worldwide. A Heidi feature film is currently in development, extending the content of this brand even more.