Children have access to many forms of digital media and are spending more time than ever on a variety of platforms. The arrival of tablets has accelerated this shift and Studio 100 is continuously working to offer a wide-range of digital products and invest in ensuring its strong presence in the digital landscape.

Our objective is to make our broad portfolio of content available via multiple digital channels. We aim to make our content accessible wherever and ensure that it’s appropriate and family-friendly.

Studio 100 GO

Studio 100 GO is a free app full of Studio 100 fun, adventure and humor! Children between 4-12 can have a great time with a fun game, a great book, an episode of one of their favorite Studio 100 characters or they can sing along and dance with one of the many videoclips. Thanks to the Studio 100 GO app, Studio 100 is within reach, whenever and wherever you want.
What’s more: this app grows with the children! The little ones can enjoy Bumba and TwiniPop and as they grow older, they can discover other Studio 100 heroes like Mega Mindy, K3, Piet Piraat, Kabouter Plop, or even the cool Ghost Rockers and Nightwatch! Studio 100 GO is fun for everyone!

Studio 100 GO is totally free and offers you the fun of watching, playing, singing and reading.
On top of the free part, there is a lot more to discover. Would you like to be able to enjoy all films, shows, games and books, then you can subscribe to the Studio 100 GO Pass, exclusively available with Proximus!

Online safety is of high importance to us! By assembling everything in an app, Studio 100 GO offers a safe environment for children. Parents can rest assured, everything your child can find here is approved for children!
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Broadcasting our brands online

Studio 100 has developed 17 multilingual online platforms around highly popular brands such as Maya The BeeVic The VikingK3 and Bumba.  Here, children can explore more of their favourite shows by enjoying games, online colouring and watching video-streamed content on one of our branded YouTube channels.  Our brand websites have been designed and developed to be enjoyed on mobile devices as well as on PCs, TVs and games consoles.

Direct Interaction Through Social Media

In today’s rapidly expanding social media environment, we seize the opportunity to interact directly with our audiences and get in touch with the parents on both Facebook and Twitter.

The Studio 100 social community has grown rapidly thanks to our constant dialogue, engagement and campaigns which interact with active members.

Studio 100 is a YouTube preferred partner. This gives us the tools to reach children on their favourite online video platform. Via this channel, our audiovisual content which includes episodes, sound-bites and clips is available on SmartTV’s, game consoles, and portable devices like tablets, smartphones and computers.

Gaming On Mobile Devices

Today’s children are used to being able to access their favourite content on-the-go.  Studio 100 has always been at the forefront of creating a wide range of Apps suitable for all major mobile platforms and tailoring its content to each market.

These apps offer a wide range of activities :  games, colouring, puzzles, ebooks, video and dressing up. All designed specifically for young children and filled with content of their favourite brand.