In the Benelux region specifically, Studio 100 brings children together with their TV heroes through music.

Music is integral to every series produced and almost every Studio 100 character has at least one music album with original scores created in-house. The songs are used across multiple consumer touch-points including live-entertainment shows and feature films. They play a dominant role in the daily live shows at the five Studio 100 theme parks. K3 is one of the most popular music bands in the Benelux, with its own long-running TV series, live performances and sales of more than 6.5 million CD’s in 20 years.

Music related to the brand’s key characters is made available through a number of different ways including CD’s, online download through iTunes and Google Play, and most recently via streaming platforms Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and YouTube Music. Enjoyed by children for more than two decades, the musical scores and albums remain at the heart of the Studio 100 brand extensions, but are also a key revenue driver for the Benelux home markets.

Songs and music from Studio 100 complete the consumer experience.

6.5 million K3 CD’s were sold in 15 years