Our publishing business remains at the core of the Studio 100 proposition and focuses on delivering outstanding products across all the key brands for consumers of all ages.

Studio 100 has its own publishing house where we create, design and produce content in a variety of ways from traditional hardback books to magazines and e-books.

We are one of the leading publishers in the Benelux with a yearly release of an average of 100 books, selling more than 750.000 books a year. Bringing our heroes to life on paper and making them experience new adventures allows our characters to get a prominent place on a child’s bookshelf for a very long time.

In the Benelux, the most popular characters also appear in the best-read magazines, so that children can enjoy daily fun games with their favorite heroes.

Internationally, we have an extensive licensing program, particularly for our global brands, where we either co-edit, co-publish or sell our artwork. For Maya the Bee, Vic and Heidi we have multiple publishing agreements in place across Europe.