Theme Parks


Our theme parks are one of our most spectacular successes. The parks welcome more than 3 million visitors every year who enjoy a great day out for the whole family, with a variety of attractions to please all age groups.

The theme parks underpin Studio100′s success and are seen as testament to our deep understanding of how to engage with children and their parents, as they bring to life some of our most endearing and popular characters.

Plopsa, the theme park division within Studio 100, manages 7 theme parks that have, on average, approximately 3 million visitors per year. The Plopsa parks offer excitement for young and old with their top attractions in a unique environment. In Belgium there are Plopsaland De Panne, the water park Plopsaqua De Panne, the indoor Plopsa Indoor Hasselt and Plopsa Coo in the Belgian Ardennes. The first Dutch indoor theme park, Plopsa Indoor Coevorden, was opened in 2010. The existing German Holiday Park was taken over that same year. Plopsa opened its first amusement park in Poland on 29 September 2018: Majaland Kownaty. The second Plopsa water park will open in Hannut in 2020: Plopsaqua Hannuit-Landen. In addition to the parks, Plopsa also manages an external Plopsa Shop in Wijnegem Shopping Centre and the Plopsa Theatre in De Panne. The opening of the very first Plopsa Hotel in De Panne is also planned for 2020.