TV Sales & Broadcasting


Over the years, Studio 100 has created, produced and distributed more than 10.000 commercial half hours of live action and animated TV shows for both international and local markets.  But we are doing more than making programs…

Our home-grown hit shows are sold to all big TV broadcasters in the Benelux by our in-house Benelux team. From our base in Munich, Studio 100 Media is selling and distributing our content globally.

We are continuously doing business with over 160 broadcasters on average, operating in 110 territories worldwide on a regular basis through TV, Video on Demand and Home Video Licenses. For example, Maya The Bee (CGI) has been sold to broadcasters covering more than 1720 countries, including sales to major players like Gulli in France, RAI in Italy, Disney in Southeast Asia and Latin America or Discovery Networks India, etc.

We equally engage in co-production and co-financing activities and with our international film division under the banner Studio 100 Film, we are handling our worldwide cinematic film sales.


In Belgium we own two digital TV channels: Studio 100 TV and njam!. Studio 100 TV broadcasts music clips, theatre shows and concert registrations around the clock . The channel is very popular among kids in Flanders as it enables them to watch their favourite Studio 100 clips all day long and sing and dance along.

Njam! was and is still the first 24/24 & 7/7 digital cooking channel in Flanders, launched in December 2010 by Studio 100 in collaboration with some of the best Flemish chefs. It has become one of the biggest digital-only channels in Flanders, reaching 1.7 million unique viewers per month. But njam! is not only a cooking channel! Njam! is a multiplatform cooking… ??? with a well performing website (700.000 visitors/month), facebookpage (+55K fans and growing further every day), Instagramaccount (+21K fans and growing further every day), his own publishing house (+25 books already), a popular agency for the best chefs & culinary experts in Flanders and a perfect partner for all the culinary projects one may have.

With our own Pay TV Channel ‘Junior TV’ Studio 100 has a presence on SKY in Germany and on all UPC platforms in Switzerland.