Welcome to the exciting world of Studio 100

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Studio 100 was founded as a small TV production company back in 1996. We have pursued the same goal up until today: producing engaging content which is not only entertaining, but also educational for today’s children and their parents.

Here at Studio 100, we believe that during childhood, children should blossom while having fun. From our TV series, live shows and theme parks to our online games and books, we aim to make great content accessible to a broad audience.

As such, we have created a truly 360º approach to family entertainment combining a mix of global and local brands. On a global level, our main focus is currently on our three animated CGI series: Maya The BeeVic The Viking and Heidi. Alongside these brands we have important properties which thrive in local markets, such as Plop The Gnome, superheroine Mega Mindy, fantasy series Nightwatch and girls band K3.

Studio 100’s success over the last twenty three years has provided us with a deep understanding of the market’s demand for quality family entertainment with characters who are easily related to and who resonate with today’s values.

Our ongoing success is global. We work with international partners who share the same mission : making children’s dreams come true. Nothing more, nothing less.

Welcome to our world!

Hans Bourlon & Gert Verhulst